The Financial Fitness Program: Better results. Better value.


How does the program work?

Our financial education solutions are the best in the industry. We created the Financial Fitness Checkup to help you measure the need of a financial fitness program and measure the ROI after the employees have gone through the Financial Fitness Academy.

The Financial Fitness Checkup is a wellness program that measures each employee’s personal Financial Fitness Score.

Once your employees have discovered their Financial Fitness Score we have two learning platforms aimed at educating and empowering them to improve their financial health.

  • Assess current
    level of
  • Recommend
    relevant course
  • Provide online training & tools
  • Track changes
    in knowledge,
    attitudes and
  • Access
    key reports on
    company performance

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Over 125,000 employees have completed more than 400,000 hours
of training and dramatically increased their financial knowledge.

These results are typical across all industries, ages and backgrounds.

Financial Wellness at Work

  • 80%Participation Rates
  • 30%Improved Knowledge
  • 92%Want to Learn More

Significant Improvement in Behaviors

  • Build a Budget
  • Financial Plan
  • Retirement Savings
  • Better Use of Benefits
Up to 70%Improvements in Behaviors
  • ✓ Decrease Debt
  • ✓ Fewer Late Fees
  • ✓ Financial Stress

Why should your company enroll in the Financial Fitness Program?

40 BillionAmericans need help to increase their financial stability and security. Poor money management and insufficient emergency savings are the leading causes of stress. Financial challenges and monetary distress impact a worker’s health, workplace effectiveness, long-term financial stability, and ultimately, your profitability. Our Financial Fitness program is a proven training method that improves employee productivity, increases participation in retirement plans, produces more engaged workers and helps the bottom line.
Some key reasons to add Financial Fitness training to your wellness programs:
  • 3:1 program ROI
  • Lower
  • Increased employee
  • Easy to
  • Fulfills ERISA 404(c)

Interested in year-round financial wellness training?

We have solutions for companies that are looking to provide year-round
financial wellness training. Let us know if you are interested in learning more.