The Financial Fitness Challenge:

Financial Education at Work for You and Your Employees

Provide your employees the most effective online financial wellness education program in the industry.

Put your employees on the road to financial stability and security right now with the Financial Fitness Challenge. Our training leverages best practices in technology + psychology + online competition to make learning about money efficient, effective and fun, which results in more engaged and productive employees.

THERE IS NO COST to Iowa healthcare, education, government, services sector and non-profit organizations and all of their employees. This program is completely funded by the Iowa Insurance Division.

 The Financial Fitness Challenge includes:
  •  Financial Fitness Checkup for ALL employees
  •  Online access to Financial Fitness Academy for ALL employees
  •  Choice of course topics for customized learning
  •  24/7 access from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  •  Individual and company reports on financial knowledge, confidence, and behavior improvements
  •  Simple setup and roll-out
  •  Experienced support

The Financial Fitness Challenge starts on September 26th 2017