Financial Fitness Academy™
An expansion to business intelligence & analytics!

The financial education platform with a recommendation engine that suggests easy-to-follow course plans.

The ACADEMY platform tracks individual employee progress, suggests relevant course work and keeps learners motivated, providing an in-depth learning experience. The Financial Fitness ACADEMY™ is equivalent to a personal trainer for your finances.

10,000+ online tools & tutorials 
The Financial Fitness ACADEMY™ gives full access to our content for greater financial literacy and expanded knowledge. This is no ordinary learning management platform — it is expanded business intelligence & analytics!

Automation & intelligence keep employees engaged

Our all-new, built-in email system helps employers effectively promote the financial education package to employees.

We use a combination of suggested learning paths, reminder emails and reward points to engage employees and increase ROI for maximum results.

50% program engagement

Product suite
Financial Fitness CHECKUP™
Financial Fitness SCORE™, your global average
Financial Fitness CENTER™
Complete source of educational content
Financial Fitness ACADEMY™
Personalized financial education solutions
Proven & trusted