Answers to commonly asked questions

What is the Financial Fitness program?

For nearly 20 years, the Financial Fitness Group has provided independent, unbiased and accurate financial education and content to more than 4 million people at thousands of companies. Built on proven academic and organizational research, we offer two main products: Center and Academy. Each can be customized to match your company’s brand and they are built to complement each other.

The Financial Fitness Center™ is an online learning library that enables employee access to our most popular financial tutorials and coursework. With Center, it is easy for employees to get answers to their specific financial questions.

The Financial Fitness Academy™ is an online financial wellness education program that provides employees with unbiased instruction in personal finance, investment, and retirement fundamentals. Academy suggests learning topics, tracks employee progress and rewards employees for course completion.

Each product includes our Financial Fitness Checkup™. Checkup is an employee assessment tool that gives each employee a Financial Fitness Score™ and helps you measure the cost of financial stress on your organization.

After using our products, participants consistently demonstrate significant improvement in their financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviors leading to more productive and healthier employees

Who can benefit from the Financial Fitness programs?

This online training program is designed for all types of employees, regardless of age, education or income. Participants from age 17 to 70 have successfully completed the program.

Our employees don’t have computer access. How do they access the program?

The Financial Fitness products are available 24/7 using all standard browsers and accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is participant information kept private?

All participant information is kept private and confidential and is not shared, sold or rented. Employers will have access to aggregated reports about participant progress, but will not have access to participant scores or personally identifiable information.

Does the program sell or promote products or services?

No, Financial Fitness Group does not recommend, promote or sell any products or services. In fact, the program makes it easy for the employer to promote its existing benefit plans to participants via the program’s automated emails.

What are the courses included in the Financial Fitness program?

With over 500 online tutorials, we cover a variety of topics. You can view an index of our content at:

Some of our employees are more financially sophisticated. Do you have content for them?

Yes, we offer courses at every learning level. Our tutorials include a pre-test before the education. This helps employees evaluate which courses are too easy or hard for them.

How is the content created?

Our content is developed using a strict editorial process. Articles are written by experts in the topic area, and then rigorously edited for content and style by our content director and technical editor. All content is written with a vocabulary and in a style that is easily understandable. Where financial terms are used, users can mouse over the term to see a definition.

What if we already have a financial education program in place?

The Financial Fitness Checkup is a free, easy to implement, easy to use program that fits into employees’ schedules, and provides documented results. It can be used as a standalone financial wellness program, but many organizations find that the Financial Fitness Checkup and Center™ are an excellent complement to other programs, providing the excitement of an event and, with our year-round programs, access to ongoing financial education when employees need it.

What kind of support is available?

Our team is available to help you before, during and after you set up the programs.

Can family members use the Financial Fitness Center™ and Academy™?

Yes, and we encourage you to have employees participate with spouses, partners and older children. Having the whole family on the same page about finances helps increase improvements in financial behaviors.

What reports do we receive?

Using the administrative portal, clients are able to get real-time reports on participant and program status. The Financial Fitness Academy™ includes statistics on completion of courses and courses passed.

What type of knowledge assessment does the Checkup include?

Every employee takes a 10-minute online financial wellness assessment with our Checkup™ tool. It has three outcomes:

  1. The financial wellness score is a self-reported measure of the participant’s perceived financial distress or well-being. The questions are a scientifically proven measure of personal financial wellness and provide a baseline of their attitudes and behaviors about money.
  2. The personal finance knowledge score is an assessment of how well an employee understands basic personal finance and investing concepts.
  3. The recommended learning plan is based on the results of the assessments.