What is your company's financial fitness score?
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The Proven Way to Assess & Benchmark Your Employees' Financial Fitness Score™
Join nearly 1000 other companies who have relied upon the Financial Fitness Group to help measure the financial health of their organization. 
Our new Financial Fitness Checkup™ empowers you to quickly assess and benchmark the financial wellness of your employees. After 100 of your employees have taken the checkup/assessment, your company will get an in-depth Financial Fitness Report™. 

Improve Employees' Lives Through Financial Education and Understanding Financial Fitness Score! 
Introducing our innovative Financial Fitness Checkup.
Each of your employees will take a 10-minute assessment and after, we will prepare you an in-depth Financial Fitness Report that measures the effects of financial stress on your company. 
Personalized Financial Fitness Score™ For Your Employees 
Employees take our free 10-minute quiz to receive a Financial Fitness Score™. 
Detailed Insights Showing the Employee Stress Levels 
Get detailed results summarizing your financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. 
Benchmark the Company's Financial Level 
The company is also given a Financial Fitness Score™!  These results are sent to you in the Financial Fitness Report™. You can see what is stressing out your employees, what is lowering productivity, and actionable steps to improve your bottom line. 
Recommended Financial Fitness Plan 
Each employee gets a Financial Fitness Score™ and actionable steps to improve that number and reduce stress 
Online Financial Fitness Training
The Financial Fitness Checkup is included with both the Financial Fitness Center and Academy. If your company has a license for both products, the Checkup will match employees with suggested learning and bring them straight into the learning Academy. 

Get a Robust Financial Fitness Report™ for Your Company! 
Determine the economic impact of employee financial stress on your company's bottom line.
Measure employee financial fitness levels.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your current financial wellness efforts.
Reduce employee financial stress and improve overall wellness, engagement, and productivity.