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Why is financial education important to your business?

Financially stressed employees directly undermine profits. In hard costs, the loss has been calculated at $2,000 per employee each year. The truth of the matter is that financially fit employees are more productive, more engaged, have longer tenures and consume less costly benefits. Providing a financial wellness program will actually save you money. It’s a win-win situation. Employees lead happier lives and organizations realize a 3:1 ROI.

Financial Education

Financial Fitness Group in the Wall Street Journal

“Companies are expanding their wellness programs to focus on workers’ wallets in addition to their waistlines.”
Learn how employers are using financial education to improve employee lives.

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Change Live

How does Financial Education change lives?

Financial Fitness Group is focused on improving your employees lives through financial education. Our Programs program help employees make better financial choices, and has delivered the following:

  • • Up to 40% improvement in participant knowledge
  • • 77% increase in employees using flexible medical spending accounts after financial education, saving on employer FICA expenses
  • • Up to 70% improvement in participant confidence
    and behaviors

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Developed by unbiased financial experts

Our financial education materials were written by our in-house team of financial experts.

When suggesting financial education for your employees you should be looking for education and advice that isn’t influenced or affiliated with financial institutions such as credit cards, banks, or mortgage companies. Over 90% of participants recommend our unique industry-leading program to colleagues.

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Measure the Effects of Financial Stress on Your Organization & Receive a Free Personalized Financial Fitness Report™


We are excited to announce our new (and improved), Checkup Tool! The 10-minute assessment will measure your employee’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about money. At the end of the assessment, each employee will receive a personalized Financial Fitness Score™ and a list of actionable steps that they can take to reduce their stress level and create financial stability.

As an admin, you can see the high-level business insights about your employees’ stress levels. You can benchmark your staff’s average answers compared to thousands of other companies in the US. We can even measure the cost of lost productivity and the effect on your bottom line.


Learn More About the Financial Fitness Checkup Tool