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The Financial Fitness Group offers over 400 interactive tutorials on a wide range of topics. From the basics of personal finance to understanding how to save, invest or deal with complicated questions about retirement planning, estate planning or optimizing your investments, the Financial Fitness Group makes learning about the language of money simple, effective, engaging, and fun.

Our 10-to-20-minute interactive tutorials begin with a short quiz to help you assess your knowledge about a specific topic, then walk you through a step-by-step guide to help teach you the key things you should know about the topic of your choice. Whether you are interested in learning about how to build or improve your credit, whether you should buy or lease a car, or whether you want to figure out how best to analyze investment options, our short interactive tutorial format helps you get the knowledge you need and empower you to make informed decisions about virtually any topic in personal finance.
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Financial education
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The Financial Fitness Group leverages a team of writers, editors and subject matter experts to develop world-class content. Our contributing writers and editors bring a wide range of expertise and have been active contributors for a host of other media outlets ranging from CBS MarketWatch to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Morningstar, and many more. Our experts have helped on a variety of key projects including developing the training material that hundreds of firms and thousands of professionals have used to prepare for and pass their exams to earn their Certified Financial Planner(TM), Registered Investment Advisor, and other credentials. Our team of content experts has also been involved in writing books for major publishers such as the AARP on long-term care, estate planning, health savings accounts, and a host of other key topics. 

We are exclusively focused on education - not advice. We will never recommend financial institutions such as credit cards, banks, insurance companies, or investment funds. We will never sell your employees information and all information will remain confidential. 

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For nearly 20 years, the Financial Fitness Group (with its parent company Precision Information, LLC) has provided independent, unbiased, and accurate information to thousands of companies and over 4 million people worldwide. Thus far, we have been trusted by over 20 state governments and major universities to develop, deliver, and provide accurate, reliable, and unbiased content to help educate people of all age and knowledge levels. Where appropriate, all of our content has been developed to be FINRA-compliant and in accordance with all relevant regulatory and self-regulatory organizations.

Our technology, tools and content have been used by thousands of companies and more than 4 million people worldwide and have won numerous awards. Market leaders from TurboTax(R) to Morningstar, New York Life, Merrill Lynch, E*Trade, and hundreds of others rely on our team to provide accurate, reliable and unbiased content to help explain personal finance in a simple, effective and engaging voice.

1st step 
Our programs offer individuals the opportunity to quickly “test their knowledge” on hundreds of topics to determine what content is most appropriate for them. Say, for instance, you are a beginning investor wanting to understand the basics. You can quickly take a pre-test on a topic of choice to determine whether the content is on the right level for you.
2nd stepFinancial  Education 
 After taking the pre-test, employees are given access to interactive 15- minute tutorials and educational content. 

Each subject is organized in easy to read sections so employees can skip ahead to find the answers to the questions they need or they can enjoy the whole course to become more knowledgeable on a topic. 

3rd step
Post-education Exam 
As employees engage in interactive tutorials to learn more, employees can later track their progress as they become more knowledgeable on any topic with post-tutorial exams. These exams also help employees retain information.

In the Academy, course progress is recorded and courses at the next level are suggested.