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The Financial Fitness Center™
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We can help you create an online financial education library for just for your employees. 
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Easily answer questions money, investing, life planning, and retirement
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A Robust Suite of 150+ Education Tutorials + Interactive Quizzes 
= Financial Knowledge That Creates Positive Changes in Behaviors
Our online Financial Fitness Center™ is designed to teach employees about personal finance, saving and investing, & retirement.
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Unbiased Education, Not Financial Product Advice 
When choosing a financial education program, it is important you consider the quality of the content. We can confidently say that we offer the best employee financial education on the market. 

Our team of experts have been providing financial education for decades. However, what makes our education solution stand out from the competition is it is completely unbiased. We won't advertise banks, credit cards, or any other financial institutions. 

We are dedicated to empowering your employees with current and up-to-date knowledge. The Financial Fitness Center provides education in an easy to consume format. 
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We have provided interactive financial education, technology, content and tools to 1000’s of companies and more than 4,000,000 users nationwide! 

As a leader in the financial wellness space, we have licensed our technology for companies such as: 
Bonus Online Glossary with
 over 500 top Financial Terms 
Financial Fitness Group has been helping employers & employees reduce Financial Stress For Decades. 
Our formula is simple and backed by over 7 years of academic research and working with 850 employers nationwide and other leading thought leaders.

1. We give each of your employees a personalized Financial Fitness Score™.
Our Checkup Tool is designed to help employees identify how financial stress affects them and invoke change. 

2. Give them access to the anonymous Financial Fitness Center™ or full courses with our Financial Fitness Academy™. 
Employees can educate themselves on basic personal finance with our online tutorials and have access to over 500 of the most common (and intimidating) financial terms. We make learning both measurable and fun by adding interactive quizzes and tools. 

3. Re-assess your employees the financial stress level to confirm results.
The employer has access to analytics and insights into the number of employees using the program. The second post education assessment helps you measure the change in stress level and behavior.